3 Rivers Fly and Tackle specializes in building custom fly, bead, and lure boxes to help build your arsenal for a successful season no matter what species your chasing. Its our goal at 3 Rivers to provide you with the information and tackle you need to come home with a smile and a sore shoulder. 

Most people think the bead color doesn't make a difference....They couldn't be more mistaken.  Our fisheries from the Kenai Pennisula to the western streams to the highway streams change in color and size throughout our season. Getting the right color during the right time can make all the difference on landing that trophy.  Let us help you custom build your box for the specific Alaskan watershed you are heading to.

Custom Bead Boxes $44.95

Custom fly and tackle boxes can be made to help you target your desired specie during a specific time of year.  Our steelhead package has been really successful so has our salmon packages.  The bite is always changing so contact us and we can get you dialed in for what is getting hit.

Fly boxes of all shapes and sizes to harness your fly selection securly. 




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