Smith Optics Sunglasses

Polarized essentials for your eyes.

Each pair of Smith Optics polarized sunglasses is designed to provide the finest possible performance, fit, and comfort.  Our all-glass Techlite Series features individually paired optical quality glass, our wrap-style lenses are curved with spectacular precision and shaped with proprietary Tapered Lens Technology, and our deep selection of custom tints includes the choice of Polarchromic- a luxurious Smith Optics lens feature that blends our legendary polarization with UV- responsive photochromic capability. 

Frame Technology

TR-90 Grilamid: Grilamid provides the strength and flexibility to survive the daily grind.  Well suited for sport or casual use in hot or cold temperatures.  Grilamid has it all.

 Hydrophilic Megol: The best sunglasses in the world won't do you much good if they go flying off whenever things get heavy.  Megol nose and earpieces grip your skin to help keep your frames on your face.

 Hydrophobic Coating: Water, grease and dirt on your lenses distorts your vision.  Smith Optics Hydrophobic Coating on both the front and back of the lens provide a protective system that sheds water and makes cleaning easier. 

 Anti-Reflective Coating: Vacuum applied Anti-Reflective coatings on the back side of the lens will eliminate bothersome sidelight reflections.