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Check out our Mat-Su Valley Fishing report to get the latest reports on local area lakes and streams!

2013 Reports:

March 2013-  Finger Lake is still the top producer for Rainbows, King Salmon and Char as far as ice fishing is still going on. Pike fishing in the lakes with snowmachine access has been doing well also. But haven't seen any big ones this season.

June 4th 2013 - Kings are finally being caught on the Little Su and seen at the mouth of the Deshka. So I think we will see a King caught there TODAY! As far as stream fishing for Rainbows... IF it doesn't rain and stays cooler the water should be clearing and dropping making the fishing better by the day. Lakes have been doing good  as well... Finger,Kepler/Bradley,Irene and Canoe Lakes have all been recently stocked.





2011 Reports:

July 28th

More silvers are coming into the Parks Hwy streams and the Little Su daily and are finally showing up at Montana Creek.  Pinks and chums are plentiful.  Reds are showing up at Jim Creek along with a few silvers.  

Dip Netting is permitted on Fish Creek on Friday July 29th, Saturday July 30th, and Sunday July 31st from 6 am to 11 pm. 

July 21st

Silvers are showing up on the Little Susitna River.  Bank fishing is still slow, but  boaters who are heading down stream have a reasonable chance of catching silvers.  There are a good number of chum salmon being caught on the Little Susitna, and we are getting good reports back from the Deshka on silvers.  There are a few silvers being caught on Willow Creek but there are more chums and pinks.  The remainder of the Parks highway streams are still slow.

July 9th

With the king (Chinook) salmon season growing to a close, there are only a few areas where you can still catch king salmon.   Clear Creek on the Talkeetna River, the Deshka River, Lake Creek on the Yetna River, and the Talachulitna River.   All of these areas are still producing good numbers of kings and should continue all the way through the closing at midnight on July 13th.

It’s also the time of year to start looking for other species of salmon.  Expect to see silver, chum, pink, and red salmon showing up any day in most of the area streams.

Once the king season closes on July 13th and reopens to 24/7 fishing, other species of salmon should be available on the Parks Highway streams.

Remember, even though the Little Susitna River is closed to king fishing, there should be reds and silver sneaking through there now.

The trout fishing is good in all Parks Highway streams, but the low water levels have had a negative effect.

June 10:  Kings are IN!  Deshka River has been very good for about a week, and the numbers getting upriver are building steadily.  The bite is fastest the first hour of the day, but fish are still being caught throughout the day.  Willow, Sheep and Montana Creeks all have kings in them now, with fishing at the mouths getting better each day.  Remember the night time curfew thats new this year: no fishing for any species between 11pm and 6 am in waters open to king fishing.  Little Su has also been good this week, with guides limiting most to all of their clients. 

Trout fishing remains good in area lakes.  Damselflies are hatching, so the adult damsel dries are a fun fly to fish.  Also try caddis, griffith's gnat, black gnats and mosquitoes on top.  The majority of the action will usually be below the surface, on leeches, wooly buggers, dragon and damsel nymphs, and an assortment of small bead headed nymphs, in size 8-16.

Stream fishing for trout has also been very good.  Water conditions all up the Parks Highway are about as good as they get, and the trout, coming off the spawn, are hungry!  Salmon smolt and fry patterns, orange beads, Dolly Llamas, and leech streamers are all working now.  For spin fishermen, its hard to beat a #2 silver vibrax switched over to single hook.  Good luck!

2010 Reports:

May 9th 2010

 Lake Fishing: The valley's stillwater fisheries have been fair to good depending on the time of day. Early mornings and late evenings as always are producing the most fish. The valley lakes no longer have ice on them. For all you fly fisherman that will be hitting the lakes, try to focus on leeches and dragonfly larva as well as small bead headed nymphs for those shy spawning rainbows. For everyone else spinners, spoons, and bait have been producing fish as well.

River fishing: For the streams that are open to fishing the fishing has been fair. Early mornings and late evenings are when the fish are being caught. The best advice for what to use is whatever worked last fall should work right now. Any sculpin, smolt, flesh, or even bead patterns are catching fish. As far as spinning gear goes, small single hooked spinners are working as well as steelhead and crappie jigs. Keep in mind bait is illegal in all flowing waters in the valley. Pay attention to special regulations on streams.

May 11th 2010

Lake Fishing: The lake fishing in the valley hasn't changed much since the last report. Fishing has been fair to good in the early mornings and late evenings. Leeches, minnow patterns, bead heads and some dry flies are working as the hatches progress. The first mayfly hatch has hatched on several lakes already, also keep an eye out for the first chironomid hatch. Spinners, hot shots, rapalas, spoons, and bait are all catching fish as well.

River fishing: Smolt patterns are proving their effectiveness right now as Montana, Willow, and Sheep creeks have become more productive than last week. The Dolly llama seems to be the fly of the week. Spinners, rubber minnows, and jigs are also proving to be effective. The Talkeetna is still producing large dolly varden and rainbows. Keep an eye out for early kings! Also keep checking the report for special closures. As of right now there are no new closures since the Theodore, Lewis, and Chuitna river closures. Greys creek is still closed to all fishing. Keep in mind it is single hook only in all flowing waters in the Matanuska valley, and flowing water within the Palmer-Wasilla Zone is closed to all fishing until June 15.  Have a safe trip on the water and good luck fishing!

May 14th 2010

Lake Fishing: Lake fishing has picked up more and has been good in the mornings and evenings. Leech imitations, minnow imitations, some beadheads, spinners, spoons, and bait are all working well right now. Any lakes that Dolly Varden are present the fishing should be better because the Dollies are very active right now.

River Fishing: The streams are fishing well still. It seems the further north rivers are picking up more. Smolt patterns are still the number one, but spinners and spoons are working as well. Keep in mind the regulations read single hook only and no bait. There has been recent bear activity on the rivers. Keep an eye out for bears and always bring protection. For all you folks waiting to hear about kings, there were two caught on the Little Su and three caught on the Deshka yesterday. Tomorrow May 15th is the opener for bait on the Deshka so come down and get rigged up! Have a safe trip on the water and good luck fishing!

 May 17th 2010

Lake Fishing: The still water of the valley has been good fishing lately. Small spinners, spoons, bait, leeches, bead heads, and minnow imitations are doing well. Keep in mind the lakes where Dolly Varden are present should be excellent fishing because of how active they are this time of year. The lakes have been best in morning and late evenings but during the day has been proving to be productive.

River Fishing: The Deshka river is doing well for kings. There are a fair number of kings being caught right now. The Little Su has been producing some kings as well. Most kings are being caught with mag warts, flatfish, and bait. As far as the trout fishing goes there are still lots of fish being caught. The fish have moved up the streams a little bit, fishing is now a little easier. The Dolly llama has been hot as well as smolt patterns. Spinners and spoons are working well too. Bears have been spotted on the streams so make sure you carry protection at all times. Don't forget we have all the king and rainbow gear you need, so stop by and pick up your gear for the season! Thats it for the fishing report. Have a safe trip on the water and good luck fishing.

May 21st 2010

Lake Fishing: The lake fishing has been good in the Mat Valley lakes. Many rainbows are coming out of spawn and are becoming active and hungry. Bait, leeches, spinners, bead heads, spoons, and jigs are doing well. The Mayfly hatch just started so come down and pick up some mayfly patterns. The vegitation in the lakes is growing pretty fast so focus on the outside of the weedbeds and lilly pads. The pike fishing is picking up as the vegitation grows in the lakes, focus on shallow parts of the lakes with weeds. We have all the weedless pike lures and flies you need.

River Fishing: The king season is under way. Our derby tickets are in! Come down and pick up your tickets today. There are fish being caught on the Little Su, Deshka, and Eklutna Tailrace. The peninsula is seeing some fish too, the Kenai kings are coming in as well as the Kasilof and Deep creek. Check regulations for openers on rivers in the peninsula. Head out to the water this weekend to catch your kings! We have everything you need for fly, spin, and saltwater setups. The trout fishing in the valley is still doing well. All the streams are producing good numbers of fish. Smolt patterns, flesh, streamers, and the Dolly llama are doing great. Bring along some dry flies to any waters where Grayling are present, they are very active right now.

Salt Water: The Trolling for kings in Ninilchik and Homer is good right now. Also Halibut and Cod are bing caught in the deeper waters. Come on in for all your saltwater gear, don't forget we carry all the saltwater gear you need. Have a safe trip on the water and good luck fishing. Don't forget anything we carry can be ordered online.

May 24th 2010

Lake Fishing: The weather has been very hot lately and the trout are coming out of spawn. The fishing has been good lately, in the mornings and evenings especially. Leeches, bait, spinners, spoons, bead heads, and some dry flies are all working well. Try fishing any area that has vegitation. Anywhere you find cover you will find fish. Keep these tips in mind and good luck to ya.

River Fishing: Kings have been seen at almost all the Parks highway streams as well as the Deshka and the Little Su. Flatfish, mag warts, corkies, and vibrax's have been working. Keep in mind the Deshka is open to bait. As far as the trout fishing goes, flesh, sculpin, rooster tails, and spoons have been working well. The water has recently been rising due to warm temperatures and melting snow in the mountains. Try finding some clear water to fish in.

Salt Water: Not much has changed in this report. Cod and Halibut are still being caught as well as some Kings. Keep in mind we have all your sport fishing gear and advice right here at the shop! Have a safe trip on the water and good luck fishing.

May 28th 2010

Lake Fishing: The weather has been very hot lately, fishing has been best in the mornings and evenings. Fish are still being caught during the heat of the day, trolling has been most effective. Small spinners, flatfish, rapalas, jigs, spoons, and bait are all proving effective. Minnow patterns and leech flies are also doing well. The rainbows are done spawning for the most part and they are hungry. Try to focus on gravel bottoms and around vegitation. Remember fish like cover.

River Fishing: King season is under way. Fish are being seen and caught at almost all typical locations. The Deshka is producing the most fish, but the Little Su has recently picked up. The water levels are looking good but it is a bit muddy. This should make for some good king fishing. The trout fishing has been good in the clear water. Try to focus on the cleaner water when targeting rainbows this time or year.

Salt Water: Tolling for kings in Homer has picked up and the Halibut fishing is getting better and better. We have all kinds of saltwater gear and everything you need for trolling. Have a safe trip on the water and good luck fishing.

May 31st

Lake Fishing: The best fishing in the stillwaters has been morning fishing. Late evenings have been producing fish too, but with this hot weather its been best in the early mornings. Minnow patterns, leeches, spinners, spoons, bead heads, bait, and rooster tails are doing great right now. The fish have been more active recently. Keep in mind with vergitation growing the fish are going to be moving  to feed in new areas.

River Fishing: Kings have been spotted everywhere. If you're going to be king fishing make sure you are fishing early. This doesn't mean 9 or 10 oclock, it means early. Those who have been out early have been satisfied for the most part. Mag warts, pixies, spinners, and corkies have been working. Trout fishing has been excellent in the early mornings and evenings. Smolt, dolly llama's, zonkers, leeches, sculpins, spinner, and spoons have all been doing well.

Salt Water: King fishing in Seward and Homer has picked up as well as the Sockeye salmon in Seward. Halibut and Cod are still doing great. We have all your fishing needs so come down and get your gear! Have a safe trip on the water and good luck fishing.

June 3rd

Lake Fishing: Most trout are done spawning and pike fishing has picked up! The more vegitation you see, the better the pike fishing will be. As for the trout fishermen, small spinners, spoons, bait, and flies are doing wonderful. Don't forget diving minnows such as Rapalas and Hot shots are not only for pike, trout will hit them as well. Focus on cover when fishing lakes for any species.

River Fishing: Kings in the early mornings are doing fair. The Little Su has recently picked up, producing a good number of fish in the mornings. The parks highway streams are seeing fish as well. Backbouncing corkies and backtrolling mag warts have been the most effective ways to catch Kings. The trout fishing has been phenominal in the mornings and evenings. For trout smolt, sculpin, small spinners, and spoons are proving very effective.

Salt Water: Kings are still being caught in Homer and Seward. Halibut and Cod are doing well right now. We have anything needed for an Alaskan fishing adventure! Have a safe trip on the water and good luck fishing.

June 5th

Lake Fishing: The lake fishing lately has been hot. Spinners, spoons, bead heads, leeches, jigs, and bait are all doing very well. Fish prefer cover in lakes. Lots of lilly pads and weeds coming in now. Fish are very active right now and pike fishing has picked up. We have all the pike gear you need!

River Fishing: Kings on the Deshka and Little Su has been good the past couple of days, get out there and get your kings! Mag warts, flatfish, corkies, vibrax have all been working well. I was at the Willow last night and saw two kings landed. The water is looking better and so are the kings. The trout fishing is still doing well. All the streams have a lot of smolt in them as well as flesh. That being said smolt, flesh, and spinners are doing very well.

June 8th

Lake Fishing: Lake fishing is great right now. Trout, Grayling, and Dolly Varden are very active and hungry right now. Most of the bigger fish have been caught trolling and right outside of weedbeds. Leeches have been very effective as well as dark brown flies, bead heads, minnow patterns, spoons, spinners, and bait are effective. We just got a whole new line of trout lures in stock so come to the shop and check out our inventory.

River Fishing: Kings are moving throughout all the streams now. I have been to every one on the Parks highway and seen fish at all of them. The Deshka is doing well in the mornings and evenings, the Little su has been fair in the mornings.The King season has not closed, so get out there and catch fish. As for the trout fishing, it has been fantastic. The Dolly llama is the fly to fish right now.  Smolt patterns and flesh are doing well also.  Spin fishers try throwing spinners and spoons; be aware of single hook restrictions.  Vibraxes have been very effective lately.

June 11th

Lake Fishing: The valleys stillwater fishery is doing fantastic right now. The weather has been ideal and the fish are very active. There was a large caddis hatch a couple of days ago so topwater fishing has been good. Caddis flies, beadheads, spinners (especially rooster tails), rapalas, jigs, and bait have all been fishing great. Fish near cover and weedbeds for trout. Pike fishing has been great, blade dancers, mice, frogs, leeches, and timberdoodles have been doing great. We have all the pike gear you need come on down and pick some up.

River Fishing: The Deshka closes to bait tonight at 11 it is still open to fishing. Nothing in the Mat-su Valley has closed for kings. No decisions will be made about king closures until after the weekend. Fishing for kings on the Deshka has been excellent. The Little su has recently picked up along with the parks highway streams. Kings are being caught everywhere. The trout fishing has been fantastic on all the parks highway streams. They are being caught on spinners, flesh flies, dolly llamas, smolt, and spoons.

June 15th

Lake Fishing: The stillwater of the valley has been excellent fishing. Rainbow and pike fishing has been on fire lately. The Nancy lake system has been good for pike and rainbows. Leech patterns, small spinners, spoons, jigs, and bait are working well. The pike are taking buzzbaits, bladedancers, jaw breakers, top props, timberdoodles, and bait. Keep in mind when pike fishing to fish the weedbeds.

River Fishing: King fishing has been good at Montana creek, Little su, Deshka, and Caswell creek. Willow Creek has also picked up.  Most anglers are drifting corkies or spin-n-glos.  Everywhere else fishing is fair. Kings are being caught at all normal locations. King season remains open as usual. The no bait on the Deshka still applies. The trout fishing on the streams has been great. The dolly llama is by far the number one fly on the water right now. Fish are still being caught on smolt, leeches, sculpin, jigs, spinners, and spoons. Try to focus on the upper parts of the rivers for rainbows. Thats it for the fishing report. Have a safe trip on the water and good luck fishing.

June 19th

Lake Fishing: The weather has been great for fishing for the past week. Trout, dolly and grayling fishing is great right now. The typical lake stuff being bait, spinners, spoon, jigs, leeches, nymph patterns, and bead heads are fishing good. Mostly outside of cover such as weedbeds and docks have been best. The pike season is in full swing right now. Focus on weedbeds and shelves when fishing pike, keep in mind they are ambush preditors. Frogs, mice, timberdoodles, top props, and buzz devils have been fishing good lately.

River Fishing: The king fishing has been fair to good in spots throughout the week. Sheep has picked up, Montana has been fishing good as well as the Deshka. The Little Su has been fair, kings have been caught on corkies more than anything, other tackle includes, mag warts, mepps, pixies, vibrax's, and where it is legal.  Trout fishing is good, the dolly llama is still fishing the best. Thats it for the fishing report have a safe trip on the water and good luck fishing.

June 22nd

Lake Fishing: Lake fishing for the past few days has been fantastic. Fishing spinners, leeches, dragonfly nymphs, some dry flies, bead heads, spoons, and bait are all working great. Try fishing them on the outsides of weedbeds and gravel areas. Keep in mind fish seek cover to feed. Many big fish have been reported from lakes all over (especially Finger lake). For all the trollers out there try rapalas. Pile fishing has been getting better and better. Pike thrive in weeded areas so keep that in mind when targetting them. Blade dancers, leeches, timberdoodles, jigs, mice, and frogs are all working great.

River Fishing: The Parks highway streams have been fishing fair, but they are closed until the weekend. The Little su remains open as well as the Deshka. The hours of these streams are 6a.m. till 11p.m. Both rivers have been fishing fair, the early mornings have been the best. Most fish are being caught on Mag warts, corkies, and kwik fish. The Deshka is now open to bait again and bait is doing well. The trout fishing on the highway streams has been good. Again it seems like the dolly llama is fishing the best. Smolt, beads, and spinners have been working well also. Thats it for this weeks fishing report, have a safe trip on the water and good luck fishing.

June 30th

Lake Fishing: Lake fishing has been good for pike and trout. Dollies and grayling have been good where they are available. The thunderbugs have been fishing excellent as of late. Pike are hitting on all the usual gear: timberdoodles, blade dancers, rapalas, and rubber worms. Leech patterns, bead heads, dragonfly nymphs, and minnow patterns have also been productive.

River Fishing: As most of you know the parks highway streams have been shut down due to lack of king salmon. However the upper stretches of the rivers remain open to trout fishing which has been good. Kings are still open at Eklutna, Deshka, and Talkeetna. The trout have been taking sculpin patterns, single hooked spinners and spoons, jigs, and smolt. Thats it for the fishing report. Have a safe trip on the water and good luck fishing.

July 6th

Lake FIshing: Lake fishing has been spectacular all over the valley. All the lakes are producing good fish. All the usual tackle is working well such as spinners, spoons, nymphs, leech patters, and minnow patterns. There's cover for fish to feed all over the lakes so make sure cover is what you focus on when fishing for all species. Pike are aggressive this time of year so take advantage!

River Fishing: As most of you know the lower portion of the parks highway streams are shut down due to low king numbers. The Eklutna tailrace, Clear creek, and the Deshka remain open and are all fishing well. The upper portions of the rivers remain open to trout fishing and the fishing has been good. Smolt, single hook spinners, spoons, kigs, and sculpin patterns have all been working well. Thats it for the fishing report. have a safe trip on the water and good luck fishing.

July 15th

Lake Fishing: The lakes have been fishing very well. Pike are fully active as well as the rainbows, grayling, and dollies. Rainbows have been in their normal locations, about 12ft. of water around weedy cover. Dollies have been caught deeper, more are caught around 15-24ft. of water. For dollies jigging shrimp and curl tail jigs have been effective. Other great lures and flies are leech patterns, spoons, minnow imitations, spinners, and bait. We have all the lake gear you need to jig, cast, or troll with.

River Fishing: The parks highway streams have re-opened!  Some silvers are showing up as well as pinks and chums. bait is open now and has proven to be effective. Vibrax, coho bolos, pixees, panther martins, and mepps are fishing well right now.  We have reports of Silvers, Chums and Reds in the Little Su and Eklutna Rivers, and Silvers, Chums and pinks on the Parks Hwy streams.  Keep in mind all kings caught, except at Eklutna, may not be removed from the water and must be released immediatley. Rainbow fishing has been good all throughout the parks highway as well. Beads are working well at this time. Thats it for the fishing report, have a safe trip on the water and good luck fishing!

July 21st

Lake Fishing: Trout are being caught in all the lakes where they are present. They have been hitting on the usual lake patterns: leeches, minnow patterns, dragonfly nymphs, rooster tails, spoons, and bait. Pike are also fishing well. The weather for the past week has been ideal for lake fishing. Try getting out there by 7am for best results.

River Fishing: The river fishing has been doing well for silvers, pinks, and chums. As of today the water has come up and dirtied on many Parks Highway streams because of the rain, so the bite has slowed down a bit. The better locations at this time are the Deshka and the Little su. The water on the Little su has come up and may be off color, but should be fishing well. Thats it for this weeks fishing report. Have a safe trip on the water and good luck fishing.

BREAKING NEWS:  Fish Creek on Knik Goose Bay Road will be open to dipnetting starting Saturday, July 24 at 6am. Good luck!  Dipnets and permits are available at our store.

July 30th

Lake Fishing: The valley's stillwater fishery is fishing great for all species right now. This weather has really been ideal for the fish throughout the area. All the usual tackle is working well. Keep in mind fish like cover. Fish around cover and you will have your best chance at fish.

River Fishing: The rain has finally stopped and the rivers are back to fishable condition. Trout have been hitting well on beads and flesh. Silvers are in all the streams, as well as chums and pinks. Bait and spinners have been working very well. The Deshka has been fishing great as well as the Little su. Thats it for the fishing report have a safe trip on the water and good luck fishing.

August 5th

Lake Fishing: With this cold weather and the salmon moving into the lakes that they run in the fishing has been good. Leeches, spinners, spoons, bead heads, some dry flies, smolt patterns, and bait have all been working great. Where salmon are present salmon eggs are working excellent. Pike fishing has been great as of late.

River Fishing: Silvers are everywhere. They have been taking spinners readily. Flash traps have been very effective as well as vibrax, pixees, mepps spinners, and coho bolos. Bait has been working well where it is legal to use.  The lower portion of the Little Su opens to bait tomorrow, August 6!  Also, Fish Creek opens up to sport fishing this Saturday at 6 am.  Rainbow fishing has been great in the streams as well. The bead bite is on! Thats it for the fishing report. Have a safe trip on the water and good luck fishing.

September 16th

Lake Fishing: The days are getting shorter and colder. The fish know that winter is soon and are getting as fat as possible. Try the usual spinners, spoons, jigs, leech patterns, minnow patterns, and bait to target rainbows and dollies. Use big invasive lures to get the pike to strike.

River Fishing: The bead bite is still on in full force. All the Parks highway streams have been fishing very well, lots of fish and good size as well. Silvers are pretty much done, but some can still be found at the Tailrace and jim creek.

October 1

Lake Fishing:  We had a cold snap a week or so ago, but the weather has warmed back up.  Today's temp in Wasilla is 58*.  I'll echo the last fishing report: use what you know in the lakes.  There won't be too much surface activity, though we do sometimes see late caddis and gnat hatches.  A black gnat can be a great dry fly at times.  Save the dries for when you see surface activity; stay deep otherwise.  A 20.6 pound pike was caught in Nancy Lake Park last week on herring: now is a great time to target lunker pike.  Don't be hesitant to try a variety of lures and baits; they can be picky this time of year, but usually once you find what one pike wants that lure will also catch others.

River Fishing:  Willow area received a good bit of rain yesterday, but it didn't affect the rivers much.  Rainbow trout and grayling can be found near the mouths of all the streams now, with some dollies also.  There can still be some good fishing upstream of the Parks Highway, but the fall migration to the mouths is in full swing, so fishing will be spotty in the higher stretches of the rivers.  Mix it up with the patterns: they will still hit beads, but are also looking for flesh, sculpin and leech patterns.  Tight lines!




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